News & Updates

1.28.17 - "Comprehensive Visuals" is now live on Vimeo and on my "Projects" page. Check it out now!

01.23.17 - It has been some time since I released a video reel. This will change later this week. "Comprehensive Visuals", a video showcasing projects I have worked on over the last couple of years will drop later this week. 

10.20.16 - Over the last year I have been working with some of the coolest and most-talented people in & around Cleveland and I have been lucky enough to be able to document some of their stories. 

For most of this year, I have been helping launch a new media company called We Will Never Die ( with an inspirational team of creators and hope I can share more about it soon. In the meantime, you can see stills from footage I have been shooting on our Instagram (@wwxxcle). Don’t forget to follow too.

4181 Studio has not been retired or forgotten, just put on hiatus and I plan on rebooting 4181 Studio in 2017. 

Right now, I have many different projects in the works, but have yet to release any in 2016. While I am still in the process of working hard to complete some of those projects, there are a few that have been completed and I will finally be able to share a couple of them soon. 

I am very excited to share my projects with everyone in the near future, so please stay tuned. 

You can follow me on Instagram (@cinemadavercle) and on Twitter (@CinemaSupreme). 

I have only just begun this journey and I plan on meeting and working with more incredibly creative and talented people, not just in Cleveland, but hopefully all around the country. 

Thanks for the continuous love and support. Looking forward to the next year.

I have posted a teaser for a project that will be coming out soon on my “Projects” page, check it out! 

9.27.16 - Finishing up some projects in post that I have been working on of a better part of the year. 

4.08.16 - "Get busy living or get busy dying". Working with some amazingly talented people on some amazing things to come in the near future.


2.16.16 - Excited to be working on a new project.... More updates to follow in the next month.